Anti – Carbonation Coatings: Anti – Carbonation Coatings advantages and applications

Anti-Carbonation Coatings : Advantages and Applications Anti-carbonation coatings are specialised coatings which are designed to protect concrete and masonry systems from the dangerous results of carbonation. Carbonation is a chemical method that happens when carbon dioxide from the atmosphere reacts with the calcium hydroxide in concrete, forming calcium carbonate. This technique can weaken concrete and make it greater prone to corrosion and other types of harm. Advantages of Anti-Carbonation Coatings Anti-carbonation coatings provide a number of blessings, consisting of: Excellent safety against carbonation: Anti-carbonation coatings form a barrier that prevents carbon dioxide from penetrating the concrete or masonry substrate. This helps to defend the concrete from weakening and corrosion. Breathability: Anti-carbonation coatings are breathable, this means that that they permit moisture vapor to escape from the concrete. This allows to save you moisture from gathering within the co